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Quistis Trepe
4 October
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Name: Quistis Trepe

Nickname(s): Shiva, Ice, Ice Queen, Q

Age: 19

Grade: None, though I now work at Jenova High as a Teaching Assistant. Oh. Joy.

Occupation: Teacher Assistant at Jenova High and part time guitar instructor..

Schooling: I attended an elite military acadamy which I entered at the age of 11 and rose up the ranks to the best of the best. I graduated with no demarits and top marks...and I'm going to some college classes though I plan on going in as a freshmen as soon as I have the cash...which I don't really have..

Personality: I've been known to be a cold and heartless person, but I'm really not like that despite some rumors. Once you get to know me, I'm a great person..hopefully.

Sexuality: I like men...got a problem with that?

Marital Status: Taken and in love<33

Living Conditions: Fairly big 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment.

Weapon of Choice: A Chain whip. And don't you DARE laugh about it.

Hobbies: I do like writing stories, it's always been such a fun thing to do and I love music, mostly rock. Oh yes...and singing, I adore singing though I would never make it a profession...I would make a fool of myself if I did.

Style: I'm a jeans a t-shirt girl though I do like wearing this peach top and skirt a lot too...

Vehicle: A Black Yamaha motorcycle...My dad bought it for me as a graduation present.

Random: I have glasses but I usually don't wear them...I can see perfectly fine without them it just gives me a little boost of confidence that I can actually do fine, don't ask why. I'm also a kick ass guitar and bass player I have a gibson guitar and a Fernandes bass.